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Budget & Finance
The Budget and Finance Committee monitors association fiscal policy, annually recommends a budget to the Board of Directors that includes operational income and expenses as well as member service programs to be funded, provides guidance to the Board of Directors on non-budgeted items.

Monitors Association bylaws for compliance with CAR and NAR mandates; recommends changes to the DAR Board of Directors when modifications are deemed necessary; interprets sections when opinions vary; aids in developing clear and concise language. The 2012 committee members are Bernie Lachney,(Chair), Cahty Cary, Liz Mahoney, Denise Stewart, Diana McGee and Amy Evans.

The Education Committee identifies member needs and desires in the area of real estate education, establishes goals for delivering education programs to the membership, assists in seeking course material or instructors to meet the goals. The 2012 committee members are Krista Mashore (Chair), Walt Schlueter

The Grievance Committee meets when a complaint against a REALTOR� member is received from another member or from a member of the public. The committee determines whether the complaint should be dismissed or forwarded for a disciplinary hearing. Thus the committee serves two important functions. First, to protect DAR members from frivolous complaints and second to preserve our goal of self policing and discipline to maintain high ethical standards. The 2012 Committee members are Marion Pontes (Chair), Laurie Wexner

Local Candidate Recommendation (formerly BORPAC)
This is a group of members that are elected by contributors to the Voluntary Political Survival fund. The elected members called "Trustees" review requests, and make contributions to issues campaigns and candidate campaigns that are of importance to the REALTORS� and the real estate industry. The 2012 Trustees are , Ralph Garrow (Chair), Aaron Meadows

Local Government Relations & Political Survival
This committee monitors local city actions that affect the real estate business, attempts to establish lines of communication with elected officials, and makes recommendations for campaign support to our political action committee. They also make recommendations and assist in educating the membership on the importance of local, state, and national political involvement and in Voluntary Political Survival contributions. The 2011 LGR Committee members are Scott MacIntyre, Chair, Gary Agopian, Tique Caul, Mike Guzzardo, Aaron Meadows, Wayne Metz, Iris Obregon, Lori Ogorchock and Lynn Fogelman.

Committee volunteers Needed

MLS and Business Technology
This is a committee established in 2005, with the objectives being to target three areas: provide input to EBRD on issues related to the MLS system, bring products and matters of interest in the area of business technology to the attention of our members, and to serve as a discussion group for members who fall into all ranges of technical competence, from novice to experienced. The 2012 committee members are Jodi Marfia (Chair), John Giggy

Professional Standards
Professional Standards Committee members serve on hearing panels for ethics complaints or arbitration requests in accordance with the California Association of REALTORS� Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual. Each hearing panel consists of a chairperson, two additional panel members and at least one alternate. The 2012 members of the committee are , Chair

Public Affairs
Public Affairs, 2012 committee members are; Scott MacIntyre (Chair), Wendy Shearer, Sedar Hursary, Ryan McCarty and Curtis Holder



Strategic Planning
Evaluates the effectiveness of the Association in meeting the needs of the membership under the umbrella of our mission statement. Developes priorities and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors consistent with planning for the future. The 2012 Strategic Planning committee members are Cynthia Alfred (Chair),

Young Professionals Network
Composed primarily of younger members, yet open to all this committee works to energize the younger professionals to be involved in the workings and governance of the association.






Calendar Dates are Subject to Change

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